TRAVEL insurance

Purchase Excess Medical Travel Protection by the Trip or by the Year - Your Choice! Pat Anderson Insurance Group Travel Insurance gives you peace of mind that comes from knowing you are protected. It could be your most important travel document! Find out about our Annual Travel and Trip Travel Insurance Policies Now!

Medical Emergencies

A medical emergency can ruin even the most well-planned trip. Provincial governments do not provide adequate coverage to Canadians travelling to the United States and abroad. In BC, the Medical Services Plan (MSP) covers a maximum of $75 per day, but the typical US hospital charge is $5,000 or more. Excess Medical Insurance will protect you from severe financial burden that a medical emergency can create for as little as $1. per day. So relax and enjoy your trip!

"We strongly recommend Canadian residents obtain Travel Insurance when leaving Canada as hospital and medical expenses incurred outside Canada can create substantial financial burdens" -Provincial Ministry of Health.

Trip Travel Insurance Policy Highlights
  • Up to $2 million for the emergency excess Hospital/Medical Insurance
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation via air ambulance, when medically necessary to the nearest medical facility equipped to provide the required treatment. - Limited to Canada and USA
  • Emergency Dental Accident Expense
  • Prescription Drug Reimbursement
  • Return of Vehicle you own or rent to your home or nearest rental agency
  • International Assistance services available worldwide, 24 hours per day 7 days per week - there is always somebody to call
Annual Travel Insurance Policy Highlights

Pat Anderson Insurance Group provide an excellent product that has superior coverage with exceptional claims service. Here's why it's the best product on the market today:

  • Up to $2 million for the emergency treatment of an injury or sickness
  • Annual Policy with 35 days coverage any one trip
  • Emergency Assistance Services available worldwide, 24 hours per day 7 days per week - there is always somebody to call
  • We will handle the paper work and wait for reimbursement
  • Pre-Existing medical conditions are covered for persons under the age of 71 years who are travelling anywhere in the world for less than 36 days