UNIQUE PAI PLAN (r) business package

The Pat Anderson Insurance Group has a Unique PAI Plan (r) business package. This package provides superior coverage at competitive rates for most businesses. Our program was specifically designed to meet the modern needs of your business.

Features of our Plan

Comprehensive General Liability: In this era of litigation you need the broadest most comprehensive Liability insurance.

Our PAI Plan protects you from crippling lawsuits and legal cost if you are sued for bodily injury or property damage resulting from your occupying a premises which you own or rent, products you store, warehouse, transport or sell, operations you complete on behalf of your customer, non owned automobiles you direct, rent or hire, contracts you enter into as part of your business, unlicensed equipment you use or control, attached equipment you use, subcontractors you hire and direct, and employees and volunteers who work for you and much, much , more.

We insure specialized liability requirements such as General Contractors and Developers Wrap up Liability Coverage, Employment Practices Liability, Environment Impairment Liability, Professional Liability, Directors and Officers Liability, Warehouseman's Legal Liability, Umbrella Liability, etc.

Coverage for Property of Every Description

All of your property including buildings and their equipment, fences, lights, foundations, parking lots, pylons and drainage systems, stock, operating equipment, tools, office equipment, improvements and betterments, spare parts, accessories, leased property, property of others in your care, stored goods and your and employees personal property.

Buildings that you own, rent, lease, or occupy may be insured by you. Our policy covers for full replacement cost and covers losses where bylaws may otherwise have limited your ability to recover fully.

Fire department charges, debris removal, relocation costs, increased costs of reconstruction and undamaged portion of building recovery costs are paid for by our policy. We pay for damage to fences , landscaping, foundations and footing, drainage systems, outside lights and parking areas damaged in an insured loss.

Stock and Equipment Coverage's

After you have had a major loss such as a fire it is too late to discover you do not have enough insurance or there is not the right coverage required to reimburse you for your investment. Our property of every description coverage has modern features such as upgrade coverages, blanket locations, newly acquired property and locations, replacement cost, in transit coverage, and automatic peak season coverages.

Business Interruption and Extra Expense Coverage's

Even if you have adequate Liability and Property Coverage's you could be forced out of business after a large claim. Ongoing costs, start up expenses and recapturing lost market share all cost money not to mention lost net profit which will never be recovered. After a loss you may need to keep skilled staff's so that when you re-open you can deliver you specific product or service.

You may also want to keep servicing your clients and may need temporary premises and equipment to keep you going. This all costs money. You may also loose rental revenue from tenants who are forced out as the result of a loss. We provide for the proper coverages to pay for all of these costs including compensating you after your back in business until your turnover returns to normal.

If your business relies upon a specific supplier or customer and they suffer a loss we can cover this contingency even though you have not suffered direct damage but your business has suffered financial injury. We will also cover financial losses due to product recall up to the limit specified in your policy.

Crime Coverage

Your money and other forms of valuable assets can be stolen from you either by outside criminals or employees. We provide coverage for robbery, safe burglary, theft of monies, holdup, kidnap, ransom, forgery and employee dishonesty. We provide a comprehensive crime package which protects you when you have a loss.

Computer Coverage

Your computer is a specialized form of equipment which requires special insurance for breakdown expenses and

the extra costs associated with upgrades to outdated but functional equipment. There are extra expenses related to computer losses that may not be covered by your primary property coverage. We have the coverages to meet your needs.

Boiler and Machinery Coverage

If your boiler(s), air conditioning system(s), refrigeration system(s), electrical transformer(s) break down most business policies will not cover the loss or damage to perishables such as meat, cheese, pizza dough, or fish. Our comprehensive boiler and machinery coverage will pay for the repair costs, the resultant loss of product and loss of business and extra expenses associated with your claim.

Glass Breakage

When you have a broken window we will pay to fix it including lettering and replacement of security protection such as film.

When it comes right down to it; if you own or manage a business we can usually insure you with superior coverages for very competitive prices Why pay more for less?