We are able to provide you with the latest in information technology insurance. This is a highly specialized area of protection and includes specially modified liability and profession liability insurance as well as broad property protection. Ask us about the best way of protecting your interest.

Errors & Omissions Insurance

We provide coverage for intellectual property infringement, first dollar defense costs, high limits of insurance with various deductible options, broad definition of your services, and worldwide protection including U.S. - subject to suits being defended in Canada.

General Liability Coverage

High limits and various deductible options. Broad extensions, such as broad definition of named insured's, advertising injury and non-owned automobile coverage and Worldwide protection including U.S. -subject to suits being defended in Canada.

Property Coverage

Broad protection for computer equipment including upgrade insurance and breakdown coverage - subject to maintenance agreement.

In Transit Coverage

For equipment being transported off premises anywhere in Canada or Continental U.S.