At Pat Anderson Insurance Group, we are able to assist you with all classes of Bonds, including; contract bonds, license bonds, Government bonds and dishonesty bonding. These are specified coverages where our expertise will prove beneficial.

Fidelity Bonds

Are you a business owner with employees that have access to cash or valuable goods? Such as a Retailer or Janitorial Service? If so you need an employee fidelity bond. These bonds are designed to protect business owners and their clients from dishonest acts of their employees.

Surety Bonds

License Bonds for electricians, gas act contractors, private investigators, and revenue Canada bonds. These bonds are designed to fulfill the government licensing requirements usually with lower limits such as $10,000. Higher limits are available.

Bid Bonds and Contract Bonds

Designed to guarantee that a contractor will complete a job in accordance with the terms of the contract.

At Pat Anderson Insurance Group we have access to specialty markets that offer everything from bonds with relatively low limits to bonds with very high limits.

For a lower limit bond a short form application is required on a larger bond such as a Contractor Bond a more detailed application together with financial statements is necessary. Let our experienced staff show you how to apply, it is easy just one phone call away.